Hummin' To Myself Lyrics

Dan Hicks

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Lyrics to Hummin' To Myself
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I've got the words
And I've got the tune
Is anyone listening?
I've got to know soon
Or do I sit by myself
And sing for health?
Am I hummin' to myself?

I can jazz it up
Or sing it real straight (real jazzy!)
The words and melody
Are right up to date
But when I croon some nice tune
Most everyone's late (way late!)
I'm just hummin' to myself

When I hum, I hum like this:
Hmm, hmm
I sing a soliloquy

My voice is crying out
And I don't miss a beat (no beats are missing)
The rhythm's poundin'
And the melody's sweet
But I got nobody to tap their feet (nobody, nobody)
So I'm hummin' to myself


I got the words, the rhythm
Rhyme and the song
And I can sing all day and all night long
But the room is empty
Is there somethin' wrong?
I'm just hummin' to myself

I'm just hummin' to myself
I am hummin' to myself...
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