Hulk Calls Sobe (Skit) Lyrics

Brooke Hogan

Judgement Day

Lyrics to Hulk Calls Sobe (Skit)
Hulk Calls Sobe (Skit) Video:
Come on tubbs pick the phone up brother
Ok angelic somebody, somebody at sobe pick the phone up

[Girl:] Sobe entertainment

Oh so finally
Oh so u guys work on friday
So wheres stack$ at?
Wheres to ligit to quit?
Yo wheres he at?

Hey hulk, their in the studio with brooke

Oh brooke oh ok my daughters in the studio
With stacks and jit

Making a mixtape

What their making a mixtape and they didn't invite me
They didn't invite the greatest of all time
That's it angelic
I've had it
From the 954 to the 305
They're anit no man that can beat hulk hogan
But now I know the greatest mixtape of all time
Is being made at sobe live
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