Lyrics to How Shall I Know
How Shall I Know Video:
Momma told me one day
I'd hear the bells
Ringing in my head
But the ones I think I'm hearing
I've imagined in my bed
She said love will
Watch and guide you
Walk beside you in the dark
But I'm scared at night
With no love in sight
Though I'm really trying hard

Love, love, love, love
Where are you now
That I need you
Show your face
Don't ever go away
It's so hard to
Find my friends today
For so few of them have faces
But without you in my heart
My world's a really empty place

When I finally meet you
Will I find the words to greet you
If it comes to that
Will you even know my name
Will you wear a coat
Or an angel's wings
So I'll know it's you that's coming
I just can't stay
With my life this way
You'll have to think of something
Or else how shall I know
How shall I know
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