Lyrics to How London Got It's Fog
How London Got It's Fog Video:
Look away from these eyes that draw you in,
look away you're always you're always on my mind,
I'm bleeding and the blood, it spells your name,
dripping from my mouth is the breath I'd give for you,
to smell you is a taste of heaven,
all the time in the world traded for just one second,
you're almost too good to be true,
believe a heart so strong with blood that runs deep,
stay away, touch of death burns my skin,
rev that engine, show me what you're made of,
cut me and I will bleed for you, blood that you warmed in my veins,
you'll always, have my heart,
bury her, in these words, in these words I will bury her,
all my dreams are coming true,
every second that I spend here with you.
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