Lyrics to How It Is
How It Is Video:
featuring Ro

I get it the way I get it,
If this my nigger I give it for what I get it.
And if he cross me imma put one in his biscuit,
Tell my main person know this is business.
And I'm my brother's keeper, ask my brother
I motivate him like “Keep up” , he's on my heels
A quiet nigger that speak up and keep it real
Like a used nigger that drink up, don't let it spill.
They talk it, but they don't walk it, paraplegic,
They're talking until you walk up, then get the plee.
In back, call the police on, take anesthesia pointing,
I saw this recent, couldn't believe it.
This shit is so condradicting and fake like niggers claiming they're real
But really interesting how these niggers shoot first
Get shot at, get hit and then rack,
We're part of the fucking game

That's just how it is,
Over the town we live.
We're living it real,
This is the game.
That's just how it is,
Over the town we live.
We're living it real,
This is the game.

This remind me of a younger low down pour
Had a six to twelve, nigger mixed up.
Came home, turned to east into his ash crop
Made a double week off a trap spot.
Spun to the block in the Jag' drop,
Throw a patty on his dead spot.
Grab the automob, that's a bad watch
All that showing off got his ass shot.
And this is fully every day
For my swag to my slang I'm feeling it every way
I'm cool for where I came, they're feeling me run away,
But they respect that I remain the realest one to this day.
The nigger had an option, there was choices to be made,
Be the plain for offender, the predator or the prade.
I'm no victim, I'm the victor' and my niggers on the brake plan
Cause if I made it we made the QLC to the judgment day.
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