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Lyrics to How Far Will You Look
How Far Will You Look Video:
We're reaching for this with ambition.
More than anything else, and I think it shows.
We're skipping pages for the ending.
And we've missed so much, and it think it shows.

So many times we fail to learn from our mistakes.
So many times we wrap ourselves in defeat.
But if I'd never fallen down, how strong would I be?
Rebuilding follows with collapse.

His eyes are watching.
His hands are teaching.
And there's no better time to show your progress.

And the promise made is one made of love, hope and grace.
Are we to blind to see? Are we to smart to learn?
Open our eyes.

Your image is seen within the stars.
When we feel our hearts wanting more.
Your mercy is found with in us all.
No man could prove You wrong.

Open up our minds.
Reach into the dark, show me light.
Your beauty has captured me.
When I feel my heart wanting more of You.
Ready for change, take me home.
Well, I'm ready.
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