How Do You Sleep? (Remix) Lyrics

Jesse McCartney

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Lyrics to How Do You Sleep? (Remix)
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(feat. Ludacris)

Ohh oh, ohh oh, ohh oh, oh

[Chorus - Jesse McCartney]
It's been about a year now
Ain't seen or heard from you
I been missin you crazy
How do you, how do you sleep?
I found the letter you wrote me
It still smells just like you
Damn those sweet memories
How do you, how do you sleep? (how do you sleep?)

[Verse 1 - Jesse McCartney]
Tried my best at movin on, have yet to find a girl like you
See things now I didn't before, now wishin I had more time with you
How do you stay awake, knowin all I do is think of you?
All the things we thought about, then never will have done happen again
If I could just see you

[Break - Jesse McCartney]
If I had my way we would get you girl in your favorite car with the missing top
Remember 'round my way where we used to park
And did all those things to steal your heart


[Verse 2 - Jesse McCartney]
Baby all that I hear from my friends again, again and again, come and ask 'bout you
They say "We saw your girl at the game and damn we got to say a big mistake by you"
Not only does your body bang but I miss the conversation too
Tell me that you're gettin no sleep, can't think, can't eat, 'til I come see you



[Verse 3 - Ludacris]
Look, now it's been about a year and I'm tryin to figure out, how could ya?
Forget about who loves you the most, why would ya?
Heal my heart (heart), heal my brain (brain)
Oh how I wish you could feel my pain
'Cause I couldn't get you off my mind if I tried (hey)
Twenty-four seven, (three six five)
And my nights so cold (cold), days so long (long)
They say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
Well it's gone and I'm trippin how much I miss it
And you steady walkin 'round like I never existed
And it's hard to understand (hey), you got another plan (hey)
Tryin to play harder, you got another man
But you'll never find another like moi (moi)
That have you ridin round in a drop top car (car)
Baby you a star and it's time that you know it
So much love and it's time that we show it (LUDA!)


Ohh oh, ohh oh, ohh oh, oh

[Chorus - w/ ad libs]

Ohh oh, ohh oh, ohh oh, oh
Songwriters: Bridges, Christopher Brian / Garrett, Sean / Oglesby, Raymond
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