Lyrics to Houston
Houston Video:
I get the reason why you taste man, chasing the high you get blind
Well, you don't see the damage it's done, you don't mind
Yeah, I could come around some time and I might
But it's wasteful if you're gonna lie

Get off the methadone, learn to sleep alone, take your brother home
Seven hours young, be the man you want, take it all, just get away

Come on, don't tell me that you're happy just getting stoned, you all alone
On your throne you sit on your own so unknown
Well, I've known some things you've known where I'm from
But I've grown and I've shown you why

I can't really believe you're satisfied just killing time, you waste mine
Well. you get so far behind the start line
A stitch in time saves nine, all right, yeah, that's fine
If you're trying to be walking blind
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