House Of Shadows Lyrics

Alastor (Hrv)

Alastor - Demo

Lyrics to House Of Shadows
Night is screaming and calling us
Like mother that is calling child
Blind we stand in the room of dark
Light is fall and died

The shadow curtains on our faces
The moon is laughing bright
The wind is singing the melody of grace
We are acursed ones

Surrounded by the cold walls
We feel their painfull cry
Their memories are strong and eternal
This terror must die

Madness is creeping slowly
On fear of what's beyond
We are the slaves of our taughts
But we must hold on

The sun come up on wings of hope
All shadows are gone
The greatest fear that man can have
Is a fear of unknown

I can't tell what we have seen
In that house
But those who will go once there
Are never the same
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