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We built a house here,
In the open vast,
A room for supper
In a place where we could last.
Worked for so long,
Raised from the ground up,
Our place to eat
In the house of memories.

Now I want to know,
Why we never went back,
Why we never returned,
Why we never drank from the fountains of home.
I want to know
Why we forgot
Why we never slept inside of
The house of memories.

Remember... (x4)

We built our home here,
Recalling our past,
Clinging to photos
That we knew would never last.
Worked so long for,
Our chance to live here,
But since we've left
Down is the house of memories...


The wallpaper peels...
The glass has been broken through,
And all that is left of this is
The echo of a vow untrue. (x2)

Time was against me...
And you have forgotten... (x4)

(Thanks to Ryan for these lyrics)
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