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There's a big man in charge who's running the show
He's a son with a gun and he wants you to know
He's got plans for this world way beyond your control
So you better shut your mouth and do what you're told

His family and friends aren't content with their own
They won't feel secure until they've stole all the gold
And hidden their treasure in their large off-shore homes
While he turns a blind eye from his ill-gotten throne

(Chorus X2)
Like storm clouds in the sky
Our force is on the rise
A flood to quench the fire
And wash away your crimes

He thinks he's king of the world, but he's really a pawn
Of the corporate elite who make big money from war
They print the magazines and write the news reports
That keep us entertained and distract us with sports

We're coming! (X3)

(Chorus X2)

There is blood on our hands; there is mud on our souls
I've had all that I can; I cannot take it no more
Lies built upon lies as wide as it's tall
This old house of cards is just ready to fall

We're coming! (X3)

(Chorus X2)
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