Lyrics to Hourglass
Hourglass Video:
Hourglass, remember how
I said I'd miss you?
I confess I lied:
Hourglass, I couldn't live without you
If I tried, which I
Do not intend to ever try
My Hourglass, your sensual geography
I live just to explore
Your present, past, and future incarnations
I adore
The more
We love the more I know we loved before
Luck of such magnitude fills me with gratitude;
Some Navigator Divine tied us together in time
Love measures Infinity minute by minute
Why, Hourglass, do you suppose my arms surround you
So existentially?
Hourglass, I know the sand that flows through you
Is me
I see
The sand that flows through you is me.

(Grazie a Gianni per questo testo)
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