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Lyrics to Hotel Inside My Mind
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Once again I found it
a place to lay my head
when I need to get some sleep
once again I hear it
a song that fills the air and keeps me on my feet
I just open the door
turn on the light
take off my shoes
and grab me a bite

in the hotel inside my mind

once again I'll take it
a book that's full of names
but none of them are mine
once again I'll break it
I'll never tell a soul
even though it is a crime

I'll just open the door
turn on the light
grab me a towl
before there is a fight

mindless mobs
they try and rob
the charade of my insanity
asking me for this and that
why won't they just let me be

once again I'll drink it
a wine that spins my mind
and makes me understand

once again I'll fake it
so you will never
know what goes on inside this man

I'll just open the door
turn on the light
pay the fare
get the key
then get out of sight
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