Lyrics to Hot Stone
Hot Stone Video:
Babylon you are like a drop of water falling on a Hot Stone
Babylon I know that you will go under in Armageddon

I know it can't go on like this
Who do you think your fooling
I know I'm just another part of this
But we don't got no choice I know

What you give is what you get
don't lock yourself in solitude
Got to be alive cos only patience bear the fruit


I know got to find peace on your own inside
In a high and low tide
Then you see that it's not only the system
But it's you and me who don't change

Sometimes it's hard hard hard to get upon your feet and walk walk
Cos living in this system feels like being a leaf in the wind


People isn't it nice to see
How music can unite and set us free
Sometimes we think and we worry too much
keep it essential with a simple touch

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