Lyrics to Hot Pink
Hot Pink Video:
You're just like America: fresh our of surprises, stickers all over you, and a garden of rationale.
So what's left to talk about, anyway?
It's apples and oversized VCRs,.
You never did trust it, and it's taken us this far.

The hot pink apocalypse - did you see it all coming, suitcases in hand?
The last days are infinite and you dress like you're into it.
Here to the cars before the horses, film and fantasy divorces.
Go where the bombs go, and the chain letters, they're connected, just like everything.
If anyone asks, just give them the facts:
!) You don't need anyone.
2) You don't need anyone.

The hot pink sun makes the hot pink sunlight.
Your hot pink blood rules your heart form the inside.
Your cool white bones, they were meant for big things.
The hot pink sun makes the hot pink sunlight,
and the hot pink blood rules your heart from the inside.
Cool white bones, they won't save us this time.
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