Lyrics to Hospital Rooms
Hospital Rooms Video:
We've been sitting here, in this room, for far too long and it's been days since you last talked to me. With all our styrofoam cups still painted around our mouths, I guess somehow now, there's a sunlight that seems so far away. When you asked if we could drive you home, you fell back asleep before we could leave. No matter what, you could never know where you were.

I close the door behind me, put a smile on my face. I wish I had stayed that day but how could I have known? Now through the walls I hear those chimes just screaming at me, waiting for a moment when every note becomes monotone. I remember the day we thought you might make it out, but I guess that can be a little naive to think you would just walk out of this place, through the front door. I wish I'd stayed, but where'd you go? It's over now, the sun is up so I'll say goodnight.
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