Lyrics to Horses
Horses Video:
Took my girl to the races
Gosh! How she loves the races
There we sat, sittin' in the stand,
She stood pat, couldn't pat her hand
Took one look at a big 'Gee Gee' and that was the end of me.

Horses, Horses, Horses, Nutty over Horses, Horses, Horses
Goofy over Horses, Horses, Horses
She's a litle wild
Daffy over Horses, Horses, Horses
Silly over Horses, Horses, Horses
Once I heard her call me 'Spark Plug' Brown eyes too;

Gues she thinks I'm a Horses 'Barney Google' at the altar, altar, altar
May be she will falter, falter, falter,
Then I'll get a halter, halter, halter
Just to make her mind.

And with my bride close to my side
Will holler "Thanks for the buggy ride"

And I will bet her bridal veil
Will look just like a Horses tail
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