Horror Movie (Remix) Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 2: The Remixes

Lyrics to Horror Movie (Remix)
Horror Movie (Remix) Video:
[feat. Freddie Gibbs]

[Chorus x2: Tony Yayo]
Respect violence you a wolf or a sheep
You a come up real niggaz wanna eat
A vegetarion you ain't got beef
You can shoot horror movies in the streets

[Freddie Gibbs:]
Desperate times call for desperate measures
So let me measure my shit up
I seen some geekans take a hit of that basin straight bust a nut
Back in 80's when I was a baby with basins was just blowin up
When all of the pages was gangstas who gave the game straight to us
Everyday I spray my nuts on the ghetto pavement
And them hanging, my handcocked and my pants saggin
And reef was thanking I don't give a fuck about the set you banging or streets you claiming
Cause can't no colors or twisted fingers keep me slanging
Bicth I'm staright from scary gary city
Where our cemetary ghosttown it goes down
Posting up obituary
Old souls and old transport old getting candy
Niggaz I know can get you what you need and get you buried
No bring no niggaz round my spot I hate randoms
Acting like I don't you I don't even take chance
A 100 in the streets and the police can't stand
So hit me on the pager 1-800-straight slanger

[Tony Yayo:]
My mic is like transparent poison
Drop top phantom with them hoes in
See I'm lookin and I'm smellin like I'm making millions
Got the god se ya paper filled with sour filling
And the sours is the system
Ain't no tellin if I fuck or I diss em I'm a pimp by tradition
Gettin head in the bentley on the way home
Still making power moves on the cell phone
Cesars palace dropping them big bets
More chips than the chipmunks and chippettes
New lex that park itself
When you telling war stories don't mark yourself

[Chorus x2]

[Tony Yayo:]
Louie houserobe, hermeez slips
Cause the strip on lockshaw, michael vick
And if the feds flip, you know I got that case money
In the club it's rozay by the case homie
Ak 47 wake up the dead
Fuck a kingpin charge nigga duck the feds
My skin made outta gingerbread
Your bitch pullin on me like a cigarette
20 rozays in an ice bowl
Confetti fallin out the sky like the rose bowl
I'm in my old school with them flip flop colors
Bumpin biggie smallz for them hip hop lovers

[Chorus x2]
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