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Pansy Division

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Lyrics to Horny In The Morning
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Woke up with a morning woody
Could not keep my hands off my goodies
Alone in bed another day
I guess that's the price you pay
Cause late is when the bars get hopping
By them i'm tired out and dropping
Want a guy on the horizon
When the sun comes up, that's when i'm rising
Horny in the morning
I'm crashed out in the evening fading
Wake up in the morning raging
I'm horny in the morning
And my nerves are nearly gone
Woke up with a morning woody
But no one's here to share the goodies
Morning dick is so enticing
I'll eat the pastry but not the icing
Want go to work refreshed
Instead of stifled and repressed
Want someone to do me right
To do me in the morning light
My libido's like King Kong
But i've been solo for so long
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