Lyrics to Hopeless
Hopeless Video:
Out of love, thinking of
Where did everything go wrong with us
There must be some better way
I'm on my own, free to roam
Who's afraid to be alone? I'm not.
There's got to be another way

'Cause some things are never meant to be
Real love is not for me
Too much heart and too much pain
All I need is a lover's touch

Real love is not for me
In the end it's all the same, you'll see
Hopeless misery

Down and out, full of doubt
Feeling like a stupid clown, I've cried
That's why there is no other way
I've been there, in despair
You can't take me there again, my friend
So please just go away


All the things that I regret
All the things I should have said
I can't forgive; I can't forget
No, never fall in love again
I cannot bear the consequence
And give my heart to another

Searching hard, near and far
Won't stop 'till I've seen it all
And done what comes to me along the way
I'll tell you so, time will show
And in the end you'll know I'm right
That I have found a better way
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