Lyrics to Hope
Hope Video:
All my life I've been searching
Face by Face and Day by Day
I've walked a hundred shorelines
but all my footsteps
have been taken by the waves

I've trusted, and I've loved
I've reached out time and time again
I've lied and I've betrayed
I've whispered evil things to the wind

Everything I've seen or felt or heard
Has left me with no purpose or meaning or reason
But if I were to curse God and die
That would be the ultimate treason

Though I feel so dead
Even Though I'm Alive
It's the things that I have done
That I could never deny

I met a man the other day
as he pulled me aside
He told me slowly
with a fire burning in his eyes

I know who you are
I know where you've been
I've walked the same shorelines
I've felt the same winds

I've lied and betrayed
and I've said evil things
I've put my trust in the world
And I know what it brings

I remember my wife
and the love that we've shared
And the smile on her face
and the smell of her hair

On the day that we met
I was dead inside
But then she spoke these words
Fire burning in her eyes

?The Lord knows who you are
And he knows where you've been
He keeps an eye on the shores
and His ears to the wind?

When you make your bed in pit of hell
He'll stay by your side and he'll love you still
Well it's been five years that she's been gone
I've given you her words that you might carry them on
This is Love! This is Love! THIS IS LOVE! THIS IS LOVE! THIS IS LOVE!
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