Hookers At The Point Lyrics

Action Bronson

Blue Chips - Mixtape

Lyrics to Hookers At The Point
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Look baby don't play me, play lotto okay, you gotta try to cum okay
I'm a nice girl don't play me out
I know it's not everything baby but I'm out here working and I gotta pay up

[Verse 1:]
Cindy, she not herself unless she smoking crack
7 times she got stabbed in the back
By a regular john she dealt with many times before
That's what she gets for being a whore though
She walked the streets, patent leather mini skirt
With the zipper, damn I know her kitty hurt
10 hour shifts she thinking' bout retiring
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I think she lying man
Shell suck a jewish lawyer, or an african cabby
It ain't about the money tryna get back at my daddy
Plus I'm feenin tryna smoke me some crack in the alley
Grease the cops, found her mouth in north captain o'malley

Yeah, it's Hoookers at the point
Bitch, get my motherfucking drink bitch Henny
Carterfield, in the fuckin sniffter don't put it in the rock glass again please
You fucking stupid bitch treat you like garbage kick you in ya fuckin ass
Come here bitch, put your breath on my pinky ring bitch
Get my motherfucking drink bitch HENNY

[Verse 2:]
As I ride inside my 92' Seville
Windows half down so I can see my bitches in the field
Best believe they drinking daddy money
How you think I copped the caddy dummy
Tryna get this puff daddy money
The name silk but all my bitches call me montel
Spit the marvel, with the soft top not the hard shell
Three shades of green suit hat and matching lizards
8 bitches look like they straight from the alaskian blizzard
Bitch get my money 'fo I kill ya
You know the life you chose
But know you wanna be a mother
The kid will be retarded you can add him to his brother
Do the world a favor line your pussy up and rubber
Now you done made me spill my henny on my pinky ring
My nails are filed perfect though right you see me shinin
Now get the fuck up out my car and say [?]
We gettin luchey this is hookers at the point

Dos en el morning, rocking sweatpants and
Slowly approaching animals in motion
Pussy safari, twenty for a lay
Ten for a BJ, but free for some free base
Before I purchase, I wanna peak at the turkey
Make sure that it's perky so it won't turn my dick to jerky
Open the door, soon as she sat down, she took a bump
She caught the rush, then made a hooker grunt
Let's talk about me, I'm always on the road
Got a little dick, many of the secrets I behold
Name is dano born in the Bronx, half Puerto Rican
Drive a truck hooked on dope cook a soul
Was once a prospect for the twin now I'm on a mission
Cryin naked shootin dope up in the kitchen
Falling asleep right on the shitter
Word to robero clemente dog I'm still a hitter, yeah!
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