Lyrics to Hooker On A Corner
Hooker On A Corner Video:
I'm a ho...
Yes I Am Baby
I wear skimpy clothing
It's very tight
I work all hours of the night
Waiting for someone to pay me
You probably see me everywhere
I don't even wear clean underwear
My pimp doesn't care (My pimp doesn't care)

I'm a ho.......
My pimp says work bitch
But my heart is saying no

If you want to freak with me
Baby, there's a price to pay
I'm a hooker corner
Look at my teeth decay

If you want to be with me
Baby you have got to see
You can get a case of shingles
And a bad std

I'm a hooker on a corner baby
My pimp says I'm fat and lazy
I'm a hooker on a corner baby
Come, come, come on and pick me up
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