Lyrics to Hood Times
Hood Times Video:
And I say... (4X)
[Timbo King]
Hood times, turn into times in the ghetto
Gotta get the money, but I don't want to use a black metal
But it's temptin, times ain't hirin
Can't go to sleep, 'cause all I hear is police sirens
Street corners, wit black brothers is sellin crack
Nickel D.'s don't cost, 'cause he walks wit a big mack
Hard rock rules, it's easy to get in two
Robbin is a hobby, forget Bobby, 'cause we gettin clue
Someway, somehow, I gotta get it
These brothers I know'll set it off in a minute
Take the gats wit the quickness
Got a hand full of doves, so know you know what a brick is
Next door, they livin poor, they can't eat
Strong survive, but if you weak you sleep on the concrete
Wit blood stains, pants and shit stains
Neigborhood bums up in our alley playin fist games

Hood times, growin up in the hood
Hood times, growin up in the hood
Hood times, growin up in the hood
My neighborhood is rough, my attitude is tough

[Timbo King]
Little Sally, she's sellin her body to the highest bidder
Back at the crib, a little kid without a babysitter
Hood times, not good times, bad days
Crack head die, but not of crack, because he AIDS
Prostitution, what's the solution?
Blood tranfusion, ghetto execution
Branded buildings, lots full of stripped cars
I be damned if I live behind big bars
Save the homeless, that's just the slogan
Can't stop rape, I'm just givin out Trojan's
So pass the dice, 'cause I want to roll all sixes
One got fed, and pull out, so now he want to stick us
Shoplifters, better yet, boosters
A crew is a gang, and a gang is all troopers
No joke, you see the smoke from the gun blast
You better run fast...

[Chorus 2X]
[Timbo King]
In front of the projects, objects are fallen
Hit and run, drunk drivin leads to man troublin
I come from a place where nobody gives a fuck
'cause if you got what we want, point black, you got stuck
Buck buck buck, just what you heard on the streets
Little kids stealin Jeeps, just to make ends meet
If looks could kill, Billy be doin the government
In and out of trouble, causin trouble, he was a troubled kid
Last night I heard a scream... (Ahh!!)
'cause the only time I'm livin lovely is when I'm havin a dream
I got a dog that's wit roaches
'cause I'm livin next door to all the Rotts and the roaches
Word 'em up, 'cause it's the real thing baby
How to survive in the hoods, you gotta act crazy
I'm out here trynna get mines
Livin day by day in the episode of hood times

[Chorus 2X]
[Hook 2X]
Hood times, (hood! hood!)
Hood times, (hood! hood!)
Hood times, (hood! hood!)
My neighborhood is rough, my attitude is tough
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