Honey, I Want You Lyrics

Kid Loco

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Lyrics to Honey, I Want You
Honey, I Want You Video:
A dizzy hot morning never comes
With the ringing of a clock
But you can trust me baby, we'll find
A new one in a shop
The steel wheels of a thousand headaches
Broken a million miles away
Just starting to make me see
The morning on a brand new day

Honey, honey, I want you
Baby it's true

I made a living out of drinking coffee
Thinking I should get ready
It's not like I got in touch with this
But I got my eyes open, wild
You may think once is too much
But a thousand times is not enough
So come on here pretty baby
Cos a factory ain't a place to be

Gonna tell them that I'm sick
Maybe stoned, I really got loaded
That I fucked up my mind
And now my brain's right out of my head
I'm gonna tell them that I'm dumb
Def, blind, but I can't see
The only place I wanna be
Is in the arms of my baby
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