Lyrics to Honestly
Honestly Video:
if you don't want me anymore please tell me to my face dont' leave me here on my bedroom floor playing NINTENDO all the nights [on the phone] you got annoyed now i'm left here alone

honestly you said to go when i didn't want you anymore but nows the time i need you more then ever we talked for HOURS on the phone about love and what was goin on you said this would last forever

MY goofy looks your funny noises what are they if not together, now tell me if i'm out of line by saying i miss the look in your eyes it all ended in a lie

you looked at me and said you wanted people to look at us say we'll get married, you looked at me and said you needed your space but did u see the look on my face?

did you cry yourself to sleep last night?

i opened up, you wouldn't let this die all i could do was cry you looked at me and said goodbye
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