Lyrics to Honestly
Honestly Video:
I looked at you, you smiled back at me
I tried to hold the feeling that I felt inside
I think your smile will set my mind free
So why don't you and I just go out for a ride

I honestly think that I could love you
I honestly think that I could care

Sittin' on the old park bench just talkin'
It was the first time that I ever kissed your lips
Holding your hand so tight while we're walkin'
I found your show, I put it on, it fits

I will take upon your fears
Dry up all your tears
I will laugh with you all day
Forget your job, lets go out and play
I saw you walkin' down the street
Your face was shining
A funny feeling from my head down to my feet
I felt like I was flying

Now the days go by so much faster
No harsh words, a game we'll try to master
A living soul that takes me far above
Living a life that lives for love
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