Lyrics to Homicide Interview
Homicide Interview Video:
we found her clothes in your back seat sugar,
how did you get those nasty scratches
pray tell?
explain your skin under her nails lover.
it's there, in spades, face facts you're gutted
full stop

I'm sure I don't know what you mean
I am truly puzzled
please turn the lights off I can't think
with those things on!

what's there to say?
I didn't love her
she did not love me

we've given you more time than you
deserve to take in here
we've got a place for folks like you

we take this very seriously around here
don't we baby
we've got you pegged
don't think we haven't got you pegged!

me or the pretty things that I could do
with my eyes
me or the pretty things I could say
to her.

how could you do this to her?
why would you do that son?
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