Homicidal Entrails Lyrics

Accidental Suicide


Lyrics to Homicidal Entrails
Homicidal Entrails Video:
Entrails turning move about
strangulating intestines entanglement
foreseeing encouring motivate my death
tear me from myself

oragns twisting embrace my neck
challenging insides killing myself
withholding securing limit my breath
conquered and restrained in their hell

twining up to
crossed glazed eyes
strain of escaping life is felt
blood and tears
burst from my eyes
in shock of death I am dealt
Im gnawing through the intestines
that cross my mouth
I taste feces flowing to my throat
elongated liver passes
between my teeth
horrific scenery
body cavity explodes

scattered are my guts
they move with their own life
as they grasp upon me
they embrace me to end my life

persist to crush my skull
lungs collapse out of breath
life escapes to desert me
peace in my death
internal mutilation
death cold and pale
organ induced suffocation
homicidal entrails
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