Lyrics to Hometown Boys
Hometown Boys Video:
He's standing 'neath your window
Reading lovesick poems
Like somebody died
And made him Leonard Cohen
Battered heart
Hangin' on his sleeve
Makin' every little promise
That you'll never believe
You said, "give it a rest
If you got any pride
You're just another round
In a losin' fight
It don't take nothin' but a mouth
To make a lot of noise
I'm gettin' real sick and tired
Of hometown boys"

Another Indian summer
And you're staying out late
And living on money
Your grandaddy made
Waking up in the gutter
Every Friday night
A little bit sore
But you're feeling alright
After a while
Hot blood runs cold
And fuckin' up
Starts gettin' real old
And you find yourself remembering
Your mama's voice
"you better stay clear
Of hometown boys"

Well, you been around and you had a little fun
Comes a time you gotta cut and run
Better get out now
Honey, you ain't that young

Lately you've been thinking
About leaving town
It just ain't the same
Since your bar shut down
You just holed up inside
Kept everything shut
And started hanging up pictures
Of the places you love
Things are changing
That ain't hard to see
Maybe it's time
You take it out east
Well you might get lonesome
For the local noise
But you won't miss a thing
About the hometown boys
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