Lyrics to Homesick Dirge
Homesick Dirge Video:
It's cold in this house with the snow piled to the roof. We've been frozen inside for years, we still sleep in our separate rooms. I hope your bed stays full with the indent that I left way back when I stopped giving everything I had just to keeping you in the past. Can you give me that and let me step outside? So now if we don't speak, my love, please don't you miss me? We were wrong from the beginning. If you want me to, I can drain out the water that floods our basement windows and that pours into our gutters, but it can't, and it won't, change anything. My head rolls back and forth, again, back and forth.

Now through the walls, I hear lullabies sung in their bedrooms, but they're drowned out by the sound of this homesick dirge I can't stop singing. Pass out by 6 o'clock and just wake up well past noon. No one knows if I'm leaving tonight or where it is I'll be going to. Does that upset you? It does for me. So give my clothes to our sons, pack the house and then move on. Just know when all this is done, I tried and tried and tried to be good for you, but it's calmer now. I am calmer now.
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