Lyrics to Homeschool Girl
Homeschool Girl Video:
All day long in the crowded halls
I'm bumpin' into junkies
And then I sit in a boring class
Where they tell me I came from monkeys
But I know a girl who goes to a school
And it's like no other
Her classroom is her house
And the teacher is her mother
Some say she is a mystery
But she sure knows her history

Homeschool girl
She's a homeschool girl
Homeschool girl
Let me in your world

Some girls I know, they dress real wild
For popularity and fame
But homeschool girl sees through all that
And she doesn't have to play that game
ALl that time at the kitchen table
But she still knows what's up
I like coffee and I like tea
And man she can make a mean cup
We're about the same age, but don't be mislead
'Cause she's already three grades ahead

(chorus, 2x)

I'm just praying that my grades don't slip
But homeschool girl, she's talkin' full scholarship

(chorus, 2x)
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