Lyrics to Homepiss
Homepiss Video:
Yak'll came out the crevices, homepiss, yeah yeah
Its like, my man Mondee. (Yak'll came out the crevices, homepiss)
That's my homepiss
You know what I'm sayin, its like, I drink a little bit, too much
I take a homepiss, word up, you know the deal
We're Yak Skywalker (Yak'll came out the crevices, homepiss)
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yo when Yak is near you feel the magic in the atmosphere
There's many forms which I appear to be, but they ain't really me
Aiyyo this beat is off the meter
that's why I'm blessin it with messages off hand like a palm reader
If you feelin this then spark the cheeba cheeba, just relax and blaze an L
The peanut gallery has spoken so crawl back into your shell
My first heaven to hell, whether or not the parallel
so concentrated and peep my whole brain levitate
mediators through God and ????? regulate
and set you all motherfuckers straight
I walk through heavenly gates
with a nuclear bomb strapped to my chest ready to detonate on contact
mad megahertz like Copywrite78
supreme database you might of heard me radiate
So toxic plastic surgeons can't even save face
it fucks your head up like ????? laced kooleys ?????
dropped on your girls tongue courtesy of yours truliest
quite confused and don't disillusioned
I'm a specialists in mic abusing and brain intrusion hold your neurons hostage
so your sensory devices are forced to pay homage
Can't even hold mic so what you tryin to spit (dick)
Skywalker take over Time Warner, and plans to televise the apocalypse
spawnin life forms you know I'm capable of rockin this
leavin opponents heartbroken
temporally off the potent word spoken
get out of control when I'm zonin
You know my steez when it comes to MC's
I keepin them roastin 89.9 degrees
embalmed after the track is torn inhale a trong
Yak Ballz's a tactician like James Bond
chop off my hands and I still bear arms
so people peep my Marine like machine type mechanics
miraculous, vanderous, cancerous
bars leave your brain scarred I'm being charged for damages
There's no more to explain, its simple and plain
Just remember the name

(Yak'll came out the crevices, homepiss) [x5]
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