Lyrics to Home Movies
Home Movies Video:
Come on honey, just grab your purse
To the car we'll sing La, La, La.
If you want a new dolly, just pick it ouy.
Put it in the shopping cart
Let's go find a pretty dress. Try it on, but make it red
Make it bloody red
I think i want a magazine. No, scrath that make it kerosene.

These old memories, the pictures of you kill me
This might be love, but then again this might be murder

You had a good head on your shoulders.
Now whos laughing Ha,Ha,Ha I laughed and i cried, but in the end I still.. pride my life from your cold dead hands.
As of now it begins, downstiars with all the eight-legged creatures.
Come on! Come all! Watch the cob-webs.
Don't scream. Ha, Ha, Ha the top of your lungs.
In the darkness, we'll watch home movies on that wall.
Oh the memories... Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!
I could tell you why she died, but you wouldn't beileve me
I live on the fame from the dead, but I mean no harm. This may be murder. This maybe be love... or this might be murder.

Kill the lights.
Roll the nightmare.
Wrap them up and say goodbye.
You told me that you cared, but i still can hear you screaming.
I must be dead or dreaming.
I pride my life from your cold dead hands!

(Thanks to Stella for these lyrics)
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