Lyrics to Home
Home Video:
You stood 'em up
With their backs against the wall
You faced every hollow friend you ever had
You fired and watched 'em fall
Then you turned around
And walked straight into the sun
Took one last look back, laughed, struck a match
And burned everything you'd done
You said you were leavin' town
And never comin' back
But you're still hangin' around
With your anger on your back
And starin' at your shoes
'Cause everybody knows
That you can't come back home

People talk
So you better memorize
Every hard-luck story you've been keeping straight
And all your perfect little lies
That's how it goes
In a town this small
Either play your hand a little closer to the vest
Or boy, you don't play at all
But you knew that
Maybe you forgot
That where you hang your hat
That's where you get caught
And talk don't cost a thing
'Til you're standing in the cold
And you can't come back home

I remember when
You were cold and hard and strong
Things can change in the turn of someone's key
And it hasn't been that long
Since you drew the line
And you stepped across
But your intuition lied
And your courage just got lost
Well, everybody's got a fight
But you're in this one alone
And you can't come back home
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