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You say it's time to goBut you don't want to leaveFooling with the keysI'd like to see the showBut I just don't think it's that easyBut if it's everywhere you lookIf it's easy to seeWe'll all be floating on a breezeBishop takes a rookIt looks like the way backIs moving the stoneAnd I was playing out the role of pretenderTrying to get them straight into lineShe said she needed me to defend herHome, home ...You say you're sitting at the bus stopWaiting at the gateGot the ticket in your handI'm getting kind of hotI don't seem to have got what you paid forAnd it isn't worth the fussBut it's looking in the wayYou know he doesn't understandIt's not the way you planned out the handoutTo pay the bandI was standing in the line with the craziesSmoking half and drinking the restFeeling fine and kind of lazyHoping I was passing the testHome, home ...

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