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Therefore I Am

You Are Connected

Lyrics to Home Is Where The Heart Is
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A breeze is creeping under your doorway
As you fall asleep alone in the cold
And the beaches are glowing calm and deep
And aside from the silence
All that's there to keep you from running right back to the start
Are the pictures that are hanging on your walls
And I bet you've thought to yourself
"If only I..." but now your screaming on your knees
Wait, don't run away without me
It's not worth leaving now it's alright, it's all okay
And when you're out on the porch you're singing one, two, three
You've got too much time to think so much time
I wonder if you ever try to hear those footsteps in our rooms in our house
Do you ever feel my words brush the back of your neck at night?
Well I just thought that you should know I think we're running our course
So many times we've moved
More than your oldest pair of walking shoes
And our heals were begging
Our hearts were telling
They're screaming
"It's time to let go"
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