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Eric Morris

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Lyrics to Home Is Were The Heart Is
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Home Is Where The Heart Is

By Eric Morris
Performed by NTTP
Copyright 2002

Take a look into the mirror while I try to recollect myself
To numb the pain as you draw nearer, as you try to pull me from my shell
That I have built to house the stories of a thousand broken hearts
That I've seen pass here before me, never knowing where they end or where they start

I can't believe, what happening to me
For years I felt this way inside me, but where did I go wrong
Has it been, all I think it's been
Or was the door that I just closed behind me,
The one I should've been at all along
I haven't felt this way now for so long
I always somehow knew I didn't belong
But now it seems to me that things have changed

Try to form the words, to mouth the sentence that I want to say
But still I make no sound, as you turn to walk away
For once - I wish that I could somehow do the right thing
That I could be the hero
That I could be rejoicing in the end

What am I supposed to do
How do I stop from listening
To the songs we danced to yesterday
Your eyes locked in mine, glistening
The memories that last a lifetime
Plague me in my dreams
And every time I turn against the wind
It always carries something new for me

Face the sky
Feel the sunlight burning down
Look all around and see - I'm finally home

My life
Turned into something new
And for the first time here with you
I feel, that I am finally home

Stay with me
I can see
The end is drawing closer

When I look into your eyes
I know, that I am finally home


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