Lyrics to Holy Words
Holy Words Video:
Seeping inside, corruption injection
My sinister cure, for your imagined infection
Guilty pleasures, the key to your soul
Innocence betrayed, my toy for the taking

Blessed to decide, a burden of life
Believe as you do, that I am good
Deceived as you come, trust in my word
The demon and I, we will make good

Do as we say, my precious tool
As we command, enraptured you stand
Move as our hands, our power on earth
Question us not, for we are holy words

Lies and sedition
Terrify, deify
Inspiration of chaos
The visage of a holy sight

Mirage, entropy
A fatal flaw in communication
Sell your soul to buy protection
Alas, eternal night


Lost in the forest of deceit
Trapped in a world of reduction
Wandering forever in a tide of despair
Lost in the caverns of the soul
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