Lyrics to Holy Smoke
Holy Smoke Video:
Holy smoke, follow our lead
Don't pull the wrong rug out now
From under our feet
A treatment you've read, is getting through
But time is eroding,
what else could it do?

You've got your work cut it out,
the battleship bombing season's gone
Round up round up
mount up all the money
Twice as much as you can get
is never enough

Check you head, and kick your heels
You see the heights of inspired lunacy
have been revealed
An absolute unchallenged truth
A cold satisfaction cuts us in two

She tries so hard to impress
she's covered all
Bases and stretched too thin
Circle all the bars we've come here loaded
You can raise your fee direct
but you can never begin.

Hope you can achieve what you wanted
(failing that), (somewhere close).
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