Lyrics to Holy Slaughter
Holy Slaughter Video:
The day had become night by the blackened clouds.
The stench of innocent death filled the smoke filled air.
Thousands of pagans were set ablaze alive.
Still there are precious lives to be slaughtered for God.

In the trial injustice is done.
All pagans are guilty.
The innocent blamed as evil without any hesitation
God's messengers locked in cell,
Raped and battered brutally.
Sanctioned by the holy one with a blackened heart.

In the name of God,
Taken to the stakes.
Gripped on to the nails,
Cursed and sworn!

Waiting for the crowd to gather.
Constructing the execution site.
Gathering the fuel for the burning
Preceded by solemn preaching.
Semiconscious victim's body nailed on to the stakes.
Human stakes were set ablaze by the followers of Devil

They call Him merciful
They burn in the name of God
Mindless foolish beliefs to attain heaven
It's a holy slaughter.
Holy slaughter in the name of god.
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