Lyrics to Holocaust
Holocaust Video:
[Break: Steele (Tek)]
Tek N Steele (we make professional moves)
Special team (if you choose, the battle will lose)
We make rules (wake up dudes, stealth still cool)
Drop jewels (shake up fools, take 'em to school)
Generals in this rap game
(Smif N Wessun, livin legendary tag team)
We stay radiant, watch the sun beam
(to get cream, we've done big things)
And through the rain, some of our pen got slayed
Nuthin but love for my people's still pumpin my vein
May we all maintain and smoke black to the brain
(Nuthin but love for my people's still pumpin my vein
May we all stay paid and stay on top of the game)

Smif N Wessun, outta Bucktown, respect the name
Longevity in this, cuz we respect the game
And the game respects Steele N Tek, just the same
Simple and plain, double cross will leave you crippled n lame

I still got Timbs for all season, jaws of raw greenin
Guns for all reason, niggas be sneak peahen
You know I know the game, the joy and pain that it bring
How thug beat can make a nigga muck in his brain
Slurrin a slang, speakin from the heart about things
That cause friendship to change, get from pleasure to aim
Scope at you from the roof, bout to pull a John Poof

And hand cock back and shoot, next youth get cooped
Tek N Steele livin proof, but you can't handle the truth
So ya try to block me and copy the shit that we do
Terrible Two, we don't really care who run wit your crew
But if you take this personal, well then we talkin to you

[Chorus x2]
We stay radiant, even at night, the sun beam
Ain't no separatin me from my team
Nigga prepare for the Holocaust
Smif N Wessun never fallin off
Strictly business, special force

Heard you were fat and light skinned
Tatted wit spins, hands got no wins, but he kept plenty in
Drivin many Benz, his friends is my men's
Tell me what Dirty kick, and how to stick Kim
Make Kim a victim, they know his every slide

I heard he stay up in the wine store, shootin the job
Don't even shoot him to five, just evict all his shines
And lay our version of extortion to him, line by line

But yo, we clearly understand that this ain't no game
No matter how bad you want it, things are never the same
Eater, better or worse from the six to the hearse
Can't forget the Rocky bezel, ante up on the purse
And this verse right here, to whom it concern
Where there's smoke there's fire, if you play you get burned

[Chorus x2]

This is only significant to those militant
If you send against Smif N Wessun, time to repent
We was sent by the streets, wit G.O.D.'s consent
To penetrate the info, shut your regulate and represent
When I enter the game, I had a Nervous squad
Coach put me on the bench, said I didn't play hard
Now it's back to lab, just to get more practice
But door and I relax, a lotta actors turn rappers
Shift the game into fifth gear
Cocoa B's last, call us Smif N Wessun this year
We don't talk a lot, yes we still moke a lot, choco-late
Beef up in the club, my dogs'll leak you in the parkin lot

[Chorus x2]

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