Lyrics to Hollow Sounds
Hollow Sounds Video:
I wanna shake you down
And drag you like a cigarette
No, I ain't smoked in years
But the thought still gets my lips wet
Now, easy does it, was easy as it was to quit
But I think I met my match
How am I ever gonna get you licked

Going, going, gone away
From the only place I ever want to stay
This road gets lonelier everyday
I already asked you to wait
So how much more of me can you take?

I wanna light you up
Take you deep inside my lungs
Where maybe you could shine your light inside
On all the damage that I've done
Maybe one day we might just get me fixed
Or, at least better understand why I'm always getting sick

No don't go away
You're the only face I ever want to see
I hope one day soon you can depend on me
For more than just my ups and downs
More than just these shaky hands and hollow sounds
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