Lyrics to Hollow Man
Hollow Man Video:
He came with the dusty wind
Taking slowly my last breath
Over him I see the dark wings
Spreading ancient substance on earth

He crossed the temple of seasons
He sent us his last testimony
His spirit tried to release from flesh
He will be alive in my memory

Alive in my memory
Hollow man
Blow my fears away

Like the phoenix born from her ashes
The stranger will reborn again
His essence was kept in my mind
This will be his eternal fate

And we are the new missionaries
In this old and sinful wasteland
We're gonna start the ceremony
With the touch of his lighted hand

Hollow man
Alive in my memory
Hollow man
Alive in my memory
Blow my fears away

You came to hollow me
You came to sacrifice me
This blood that is mine
You will drink in a cup of wine
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