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All of those words
All of those lines
All of the stories and
All of those lies
There's no use drawing up those signs
Let them waste their days and if they want, they can waste their lives
Actions from words will speak alone
From that crooked smile
On the side of your skull
Put on another face for another day
Wear that charm, you wear it so well
I did myself in...

It's happening so fast (I'll drink to that!)
It's not as simple as you'd like to think (I'll drink to that!)
I think it's safe to say that we set our hopes too high (I'll drink to that!)
Built our own marble graves
With broken glass

No more words
And no more lines
No more stories
And no more lies
Take that cross, bow your head as we wave good bye!
There's no bag of chosen lines from which to recite
Open up, and then get back in line
Believe me, there's no sands of time
Tomorrow never comes and
Tomorrow's only in our heads
It'll never be the same again
Just look straight ahead

Clearly we've been fooled
Clearly we are fools

We'll Drink Again!
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