Lyrics to Holiday Fool
Linda she laughs without warning
It's just those little things
The morning was so full
As the Delta made its way through the leaves
Oh, the place
Oh, my escape
In a cabin where it could be just you and me
I can confess my love
Oh, Linda, you're the one

But now the sun don't shine
Need to let that go
It's a way different time
The world is another place
Digging up her grave crying
My dear, don't die
I should've left that book alone
Now Hell has come with a fight
And fight back I just might

Can you hear them calling?
Dead by dawn I'm done come morning
Why's this night feel so long?
We all know better than we want to let on
Just some teenage fun
That went from right to wrong
Keep dreaming
Trying to keep my cool
This holiday fool

With panic wrestling my mouth
I locked an old girl in the basement
Hoping she won't come out
From the dank and the mold
She utters, "Boy, I'll swallow your soul."
I submit my hand for the saw
For the saw is fam

As the dark pages say
You'll open a rift through time and space
There's no reason to question why
When you're the hero of the sky