Lyrics to Holding The Claws
Holding The Claws Video:
Don't know what i would have had to write about if there wasn't you,
or if i ever would have wrote at all. they said it wouldn't last...
nothing ever does. but you and me, we're different, always were.
stuck together forever, whatever that will mean. everything is still
all wrong, and we're still all that's real (the only thing that's ever been).
the only words i've ever meant was when i said i'd do anything for
you. see, our claws stretch deep inside, and that's where they'll
stay. you say you're lucky you have me, but i had nothing before you
had me...nothing to care about and no songs to sing. i've seen the
world singing songs about you (the only story i could ever tell right).
we said we'd see the world, you gave it to me. so we're stuck together
forever, you and me. stuck together forever, no matter what that means.
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