Lyrics to Hold Up
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(feat. Angela Hunte) [Diddy:] Aiyyo turn me up in my headphones man I want this shit motherfuckin blarin It ain't loud enough man Oh these muh'fuckers think I'm gon' play with 'em Oh I ain't gon' play wit'cha - I ain't gon play wit'cha man! Ha ha ha.. I need y'all to sing children Sing, I like it when the children sing I like it when you sing; I like it when they sing man That lets you know something's comin Oh it's comin - aww man something's comin I like this sound of this - something's comin You can picture like a photograph, envision the image Of one-two-fifth street and Lenox The old folks their souls are cold like tenants Tryin to keep your weight up better eat that spinach For four twenty-five niggaz lives get diminished The world serious, I'm tryin to win a pennant Cops be on patrol through the block every minute Itchin just to pop somethin, swearin I'm a menace They disturb me but it's love like tennis Man, cap to the side and my jersey is vintage Chicks'll make a nigga dick hard like a Guinness Damn it's a scam but I handle my business Tryin to be the man if the Lord be my witness Do my {?} with the walk sign for my physical fitness 16's sicker than all signed flows it's ridiculous Hold up [Chorus: children sing] Told y'all really really y'all can't hold up Told y'all really really y'all can't hold up Told y'all really really y'all can't hold up Hold up, hold up hold up hold up hold up [Diddy:] Easy now I'm seein 'em, mind where you patrol Fall back young'un, play your lane like a goal When his majesty speaks, speech defy gravity Bluetooth nigga but I don't have any cavities Diddy got it wrapped like cocoons Pop shit like needles through {?} balloons I urge you to tell a friend, warn a brother About my splurges, merges with Warner Brothers Thugs actin funny cause chicks call me honey See a 9 figure nigga makin Bugs Bunny money Eons beyond bling bling So I chose to get engaged to these sweet 16's Make a name, let it bang so beautiful The theme music for crews that move pharmaceuticals Or, suitable for, a recuitable whore To service the whole crew when we out on tour Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up [Chorus] [Diddy:] It's like the music will literally stop time (Hold up hold up hold up) We roll up, 20 deep, cock D swoll up Get inflicted by my verbal conviction A Bad Boy but far from a Detroit Piston You're not focused enough, you're not listenin You need to slow down, hold up like kickstand Hop to it, get on your grind music Across 110th sharp caesar with a lime music Fine-tuned with the proper soul seasoning Your live shows are boring you're just not pleasin 'em Stop teasin 'em you can't rock Palladium We bring New York back like that West side stadium Fuck the game and if the fame went away Still be the hardest workin man in entertainment today Learn a lesson and that's, no questionin that No guesswork involved so stop stressin the facts Hold up [Chorus]

Songwriters: Jamerson, Troy Donald / Combs, Sean / Peters, Jerry Eugene / Johnson, Glenn C / Muchita, Kejuan Waliek
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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