Lyrics to Hold On Tonight
Hold On Tonight Video:
I sit here watching the stars tonight
I'm thinking of you
are you thinking of me
and how we should be together
how the heaven above is so ugly
when true heaven is in your eyes
a secret paradise of thoughts and dreams
how i want to swim in your eyes

hold on now we'll be alright
I know we will make it through tonight
hold on now we'll be just fine
everything will come in time

I guess your not home to talk
I just want to hear your voice
I just hope you get this message
I can't believe I'm singing my heart out to your machine
I guess you stepped out to get some coffee
anything to clear you mind
Just as I'm trying to clear my mind
I feel you so close yet your so far away


How time can be so cruel
and distance...
I can't imagine what it is thinking
as it laughs
I know it is ok to cry sometimes
but don't give up hope
Just hold on (x5)

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