Lyrics to Hold On
Hold On Video:
When the night falls on the horizon,
She comes out from her hiding,
Tigress on the prowl.
Heart of ice, eyes of burning fire,
She can take your own desire,
Use it on you like a gun.

Watch out, baby, hold on.
Hold on.
Before you lose control.
And the night is so long,
So long.
The girl can do you harm.

Blood red lips,
Whispering a secret,
In the jungle of the city streets,
You've got nowhere left to run.
She got all the skin tight,
She got all the smooth moves,
One wrong step and she's got you.
Danger in the love zone


Every one of you is gonna have to pay her price.
Sooner or later she will get you all alone.
Once you have tasted the magic sweetness of her sighs,
She's got you where she wants you and she'll never let you go.

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